Number 10: coffee tastes good (subjectively)

Number 9: coffee is a superfood

Number 8: coffee tastes good (objectively)

Number 7: coffee is a worldwide social drink

Number 6: coffee smells great when grinding and brewing — even to non-coffee drinkers.

Number 5: coffee drinking is a ritual that brings me zen

Number 4: coffee preparation taught to me by the old Swedish ladies at church is one of my favorite childhood memories.

Number 3: coffee grounds do great things for my compost pile and garden.

Number 2: coffee drinkers are nicer than non-coffee drinkers (based on a completely unscientific study conducted by me this morning in the break room)

Number 1: David Grohl and Fresh Pots (dude, click the link to see the video)

Why will you never, ever give up drinking coffee?

Or … how I am slowly giving up the side-hustle in favor of regaining my (peace, zen, chi) life.

I just received notification of my Medium payout for this past month. I am occasionally writing as the mood, free time, and subject matter inspire me. …

Oil Painting on Canvas, copyright 2021 C. Deborah O’Dell

I am in graduate school, currently taking a class on research methods, and for a project, we had to create a survey. So, if you have two minutes to click through and take the below survey on your feelings on ART, I greatly appreciate it.

Is the Qualtrics summary statement missing its Oxford comma? Yes.

Am I happy that Maryville University provides a free student version of this fantastic software for learning? Also, yes.

I sincerely thank you for your participation.

Becoming good with money at any age seems like a great title to an article that everyone will want to read. But, seriously, what is the secret? ⬇️ drop your suggestions in the comments.

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I am 55, and I am not good at “managing” money- whatever that BS means. This…

(fiction ~ ish)

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I’m done.


I’m just done.










You don’t realize the depth of someone’s mental illness until you work with them twelve hours a day, seven days a week. You don’t realize your mental illness or your boundaries until…

I am working on kitchen renovations and today I fell off the ladder. I am okay-ish, my fall was broken by the kitchen counter before I flipped off like WilE Coyote and hit the floor. Hard. I was sure I broke something vital, like my leg.

Thankfully my 16 year…

Choosing between the People or the Rules.

People are inevitable; the rules are arbitrary. So what do you value more?

I went to a caseworker today because someone came and asked me for shoes. I am the kitchen; food, water, coffee are my domains. …

Man, 2021 is not the utopia we were hoping for after 2020.

social media post by me on my instagram

I still wear a mask every day, and adult mask-induced acne is a real thing.

Yes, there are jobs everywhere, but the interviewing process is gatekeeping actual hiring from happening.

The supply chain is still interrupted, a story…

Yup, I set those goals in a Bingo board, and I’m rewarding myself every time I earn a B.I.N.G.O.!

image copyright C. Deborah O’Dell 2021

I saw this bingo goal technique, oh, probably on TikTok in January, and I thought it would be a fun way to tackle the serious subject of personal goal setting.


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